/// ↓ Designed to elevate ride feel on mixed terrain routes, from tarmac to gravel, SHARQ is the latest wheel to come out of Fulcrum’s Red Room Lab. The result of painstaking research and advanced engineering SHARQ provides a unique combination of handling, aerodynamics, reactivity and resistance, thanks to the new design of the rim and spokes.

Sharq specs:

622X25 TC 42-47 mm
A3RO SPOKES    24/24
         MADE IN EU
WEIGHT 1440 g

[ 2-Wave Rim:
an exclusive combination of waves

The new design of the rim (patent pending) is the result of an experimental process where we analysed the reactions of different solutions to head and side winds, which affect handling and aerodynamics.

We named the resulting shape 2-Wave Rim and is one of the distinctive elements of SHARQ. The rim has a regular symmetrical wave close to the nose which blends with an asymmetrical wave at the sides. The height of the profile varies between 42 and 47 mm, respectively from the highest to the lowest part of the wave. This new design achieves an optimal balance between handling and reactivity, along with excellent aerodynamics.
The new shape, along with a lamination featuring a mix of proprietary Fulcrum FF100 carbon fibres and resins, has allowed us to create a light and reactive rim. The total weight for the pair of wheels is merely 1,440 grams, whilst in terms of resistance to side winds, we have achieved a 21% improvement in winds from 0° to 10° and up to 30% between 10° and 20°, compared to a traditional profile of equal height.

Aerodynamic advantages
of the
→_ new A3RO spokes

SHARQ is revolutionary but at the same time traditional. This new wheel fully embraces Fulcrum’s philosophy, as well as our commitment to deliver exclusive technologies and specific products to provide riders with the finest ride feel and top level performance.

With this in mind, to increase the performance of SHARQ, we have developed A3RO, a new flat steel spoke, 3 mm wide and 0.8 mm thick, which provides considerable aerodynamic advantages. We have also revised the hub-spoke interface. The hole has two additional gaps paired with a specific flattening of the base of the spoke, so that it can remain aligned and not rotate, guaranteeing a constant aerodynamic support.

The spokes never touch each other (no-touching spokes), ensuring that they maintain their long term tension and therefore provide the same level of performance throughout the life of the product, without the need for any mechanical interventions to remedy any losses in tension.

The design of the hub follows the minimalist lines seen on the Speed wheels, with Cup & Cone technology. The bearings used are USB™ ceramic ball bearings, rolling on through axles with adjustment ring, to achieve an extremely precise preload and maximum smoothness.

Excellence  ]
+    achieved

SHARQ is able to cross all types of terrain, from tarmac to gravel, with confidence and speed. It is easy to handle in all conditions, even strong side winds, marrying levels of aerodynamics and reactivity on a par with the fastest road wheels, with the ability to resist strong impacts and absorb rough terrain like the best gravel wheels.
Category ASTM 2.

The latest member of the range is the result of a research and development process that required more than 4000 hours of design, laboratory tests and field trials. Most of the SHARQ components, similarly to our other wheels, are manufactured in-house. For the external parts we call upon a certified network of European partners that guarantee production thoroughness and social responsibility. This allows us to work with extreme precision, offering a product that can truly make the difference, with advantages that can be felt right from the first pedal stroke, for the perfect ride feel.

Sharq wheelset
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